Authenticity as a primary value both in our designs and in the way we work.

To be able to create something unique and truly adaptable to needs, without losing its essence.

Simplicity and complexity

The balance between simplicity and complexity is a distinctive feature of our ideas. Richness is balanced with simplicity to achieve designs and spaces with strong personality.

Unique materials and pieces

When we think of new projects, we develop them rigorously and without limitations. Which is why we usually design materials and special pieces for each project so that everything works together in unique harmony.

Astet’s goal is to achieve balance in every project — between the organic and the technical, simplicity and richness, form and use. Guided by the needs of body and mind, rather than simply chasing trends, our projects empower ideas that are both aesthetically formed and intelligently responsive – We strive to wholly enhance the human experience. Our work is carefully defined, and our supreme attention to detail is matched by a quality of execution and a timeless durability.

Our vision is always integrated in every aspect of our projects:

Human value

People are at the center of our projects. We strive to combine the needs of our clients with aesthetics and quality.


What distinguishes us is our attention to detail, our gestures of textures, shades and materials enrich every corner of our projects.